The IFAC IBCE’15 workshop is the third in a series, whose precedents are the IBCE’01 (held in Madrid) and IBCE’04 (Grenoble), focusing on delivering control education using new information and communication technologies. The motivation for this workshop is the recognition that student learning can be enhanced through the judicious and effective use of online resources and services accessible on the Internet. New Information and Communication Technology for Education provides many ways to enhance and expand educational activities and services. A wide range of educational material is now available in a variety of formats including moocs, e-books, audio and video podcasts, simulations and animations, interactive tools, virtual and remote labs, and is easily accessible through Internet. Web accessible databases and online laboratory resources allow teachers to share and reuse pedagogical material.

This workshop will serve as an international forum for interaction among engineers, scientists, and practitioners of control engineering who are interested in adopting and promoting Internet-based methodologies for teaching control engineering.

Organized by: DIMI, University of Brescia (ITALY)


In cooperation with: Multisector Service and Technological Centre, Brescia (ITALY)                          

Technical Sponsor: IFAC Technical Committee on Control Education (TC9-4)

Technical Co-sponsors: IFAC Technical Committee on Computers for Control (TC3-1)

IFAC Technical Committee on Control via Communication Networks (TC3-3)